In Memoriam


Founder Director, Sirius Global Limited
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Tragedy struck Sirius, when its founder director and guiding light, died an untimely death in 2021. He was 56 years old. Even though the team that Sagar built suffered a deep loss, they decided the best way to keep their leader’s memory alive would be to continue with his vision, and Sirius’ culture of excellence. Son of Gita Chowdhury and the late Samir Chowdhury, Sagar was born on January 13, 1965 in Midnapore, West Bengal. After completing his schooling from Bengal, Sagar moved on to graduate in physics from the Regional College of Education, Bhubaneswar. Later, he did his post-graduation in computer applications from Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Following a brief stint as lecturer in Delhi University, Sagar founded Sirius, his dreamchild. A visionary, who wanted to touch people’s lives, Sagar was as relentless in his efforts to generate livelihoods in rural areas as he was in his focus on successful delivery of IT projects. He worked with several women’s self-help groups in Bengal to help them become self-reliant. He was an active member of a major political party of the country and was keen to be part of the ‘development for all’ agenda helmed by the party. Sagar passed away on May 3, 2021, an untimely victim of the Covid-19. He leaves behind his wife, daughter and the entire Sirius family that was so dear to him. Sirius Global Limited carries on, on the path set forth by Sagar, with the intent to fulfill his unattained dreams.